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Our Kombucha Flavors


From the barrel into the bottel! Unpasteurized, unfiltered. A delicious natural kombucha full of wellness from nature. Glass bottle – 33 cl – crown cap.

Ingredients: Filtered water, Pu’Erh tea, raw sugarcane and a cute “bacteria & yeast culture” called SCOBY. Steady temperature, the time it needs to ripe and a lot o’ LOVE.

These are the ingredients for our delicious “Original” flavour.

We bottle it and it is also the base kombucha we use in the second fermentation for our flavourings!

Lemon/Ginger kombucha

Unpasteurized, unfiltered. Flavoured with real fruit from organic certified agriculture. A delicious natural kombucha full of wellness from nature. Glass bottle – 33 cl – crown cap.

100% Natural, RAW and Organic!

Lemon is a great fruit, it’s bursting from vitamin C and it alkalizes the body. This together with spicy ginger makes Zing! Ginger is known for its anti inflammatory effects and is one of the most common used spices on this globe. We add fresh lemon and ginger in a 2nd fermentation and give the time to the kombucha to extract not only the flavor but also all the wellness in those 2  fruits.


A mix of herbs : lemon balm. thyme and peppermint. This mix gives the kombucha a very refreshing taste. Looking for an ideal alcohol free drink with lam or wild ? This one fits perfect!

Pairing preferences : Those fresh herbs calls for a bbq lam rack in a caramelised sauce, where the thyme from the bucha makes a great marriage with the rosemarin flavours. A real feast for our taste buds!


As Lemon and orange are from the same family, so is ginger and turmeric (Zingiberaceae ). The main active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, known for its powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant. We add fresh orange and turmeric for the 2nd fermentation in our kombucha. Topped with spices that enhancing the absorption of all the good things inside.

Pairing preference : With a fatty meal (tip: some fish contains lot of omega-3). It is not only tasty but as curcumin is fat soluble, it enhances the absorption of curcumin.


Summer in the bottle. Raspberry comes from local, organic certified farmers and we use early and late raspberries. The tropical sent is given by fresh organic Passionfruit.

With this drink in front of you, it’s summer every day!

Pairing preference : with strong-flavored products such as gorgonzola or salty colt cuts. Or an appetizer maybe ? Try it with a Mozarella/Tomato starter, topped with some real balsamic and grinded cilantro, flourished with some fresh basil leaves. Or maybe a desert? Harmonizes perfect with a combination of bitter and sour flavors. Served with a duo of chocolate (bitter) and red fruits (sour)… what more do I have to add to convince you? Enjoy

Red beet/Lime

Our first kombucha in the range of our vegetable line. Beets are high in folate, manganese, potassium, copper, iron, fiber, and magnesium. Betanine (wich gives the red color) and betalaine are very powerful antioxidants. This in combination with Lime to knock down the “groundy” taste of beets, makes it a wonderful drink for both, beet lovers and scepticals.

Pairing preference : Delicious in combination with a tasty and hearty winter meal such as a stew or with a thick pea soup. Or what do you think of a sauerkraut dish with bacon and sausage …


Our one-and-only ripe kombucha, packed with the fresh flavours and wellness of real, organic ginger. Since it’s fermented, it’s even more powerful and tastier than the ordinary ginger shot.

Pairing preferences : A good Wok-dish cries for delicious alcohol free Ggingeringerbucha, a spicy curry or, to in case you want to keep it more western, a skewer with a crispy rendered pork belly in it.


Strawberry, raspberry, red and white currant and blue berries makes a perfect melange from the woods treasures.

Pairing preferences : Matches great with light white meat, pork and duck, pickled dishes and salads. Also a great bucha to pair with cheesy desserts like Mascarpone cheese in combination with chocolate and then, i think of Tiramisu.

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