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 The Fermenting Jar is a family business  in producing fermented food and beverages. We are only working with ecologic raw products, prepare in an artisan way and ban artificial additives of any kind.

Our History

With the knowledge in mind that our intestines are roughly for about 75% responsible for our immune system, it’s not a bad idea to take the right “fuel” which we require.

As my father inherited the fermentation mindset from his mother, so I did from my father. Fermentation was always close.

We started many years ago to ferment food and beverages, again, for our self to give health a boost. We are convinced and the saying “You are what You eat” is true more than ever. It helps to strengthen the immune system and maintain balance between the good and bad bacteria’s.


Through the Fermenting Jar, we want to stir up a century old habit and give the opportunity to everybody to enjoy nutrient and mineral rich food and beverages, as nature provides.


Supply the best of what nature provide us to keep body and mind in balance and healthy!

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Any question regarding fermentation ? Just let us know and we come back to you soonest possible.

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Ringvägen 33, 241 71 Marieholm, Sweden

+46(0)736 56 66 58

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