Fairs, Events & Workshops

Since short, there is hope that Corona no longer will be  threat and we can start to think about taking back our lives as we did before. Make fun, socialize and do what we like to do, also in group.

We started to reschedule some workshops and we truly hope that they don’t need to be postponed.

Workshops we will cover are :

  • Basics of Fermented Beverages : Kombucha, water- and milk kefir, gingerbug.
    • What is kombucha and kefir
    • Is there any difference between them.
    • The cultures and what do they need to survive
    • Preparing for fermentation
    • Troubleshooting
  • Advanced Fermented Beverages : How to flavour and use it as base for delicious recipes.
  • Lactid Acid Fermentation : How to ferment veggies and fruit.
    • When to use dry salting and brine.
    • Fermentation without using salt.

With each of the workshops, we prepare some beverages or food to take with us home.

All needed cultures will be provided.

If you have any question regarding those workshops, just drop me a note : info@thefermentingjar.com

I wish you stay all in good health and till soon!

Best regards, Peter

We are at several Reko-rings

A huge amount of big and small cities in Sweden have active Reko-rings but, what is this?

Reko-ring is a closed group in Facebook. When you subscribe for the group, you can enter and shop products from all subscribed producers, just by replying to the producers announcement. You buy straight from producer. Some Reko-rings are weekly, others are bi-weekly.

You find us in following rings:

Måndag jämna veckor :

Eslöv : Kyrkans parkering på Västerlånggatan 50 mellan 17.10 och 17.40

Södra Sandby : På parkeringen vid Mossavägen 2 mellan 18.00 och 18.30

Dalby : Nyvångskolans parkering längs Sandbyvägen (sandbyvägen 16) mellan 18.45 och 19.15

Tisdag varje vecka :

Åkarp :

Löddeköpinge/Bjärred :