What we used

Filtered water, Pu’Erh tea, raw sugarcane and a sweet bacteria & yeast culture called SCOBY. Steady temperature, the time it needs to ripe and a lot o’ LOVE.

These are the ingredients for our delicious “Original” flavour.

We bottle it but it is also the base kombucha we use in the second fermentation for our flavourings!

Straight from the barrel into the bottle. No filtration nor pasteurization! 

Pure wellness in a bottle!

How to drink it?

Best chilled, whatever time of the day, as a morning shot, combined with a meal or as thirst quencher. 

Before drinking, you can flavor it yourself with whatever fruit, herb or vegetable, whole or juice, dried or in any other form you have in mind, your fridge or your cupboard.

Cheers and enjoy !

How to pair :

It IS a very refreshing drink and one can combine it with a lot of dishes.

My preference, Lemon and ginger calls for an Oriental dish. Whether it is a spicy Chicken Tikka or a delicious Shushi, it just makes it a perfect marriage.

100% RAW, natural and Organic!