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Currently we are updating our website and put it in a new jacket. We hope that this new look will be soon alive :)! For now, I briefly explain our product and the flavors we have. In case of questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

All information is now in English but comes soon in Swedish as well! Thanks for your patience :).

Our kombucha… is in this way unique, that we brew with Pu’Erh tea. This tea is an already fermented tea leave. This differs from the other “black” tea’s there they are only oxidized.

Need to know something more about black tea? Soon I explain in my blog post!

After several weeks of fermenting, we start to bottle the “Original” flavor. The other ready kombucha is taken to the 2nd fermentation cycle where we add real fruit, vegetables and/or herbs.

After this cycle, we bottle. Not any pasteurization or filtering is done. All the natural wellness goes into the bottle.

Our Flavours :

  • Original : Straight from the barrel in the bottle
  • Lemon-Ginger/Citron-Ingefära : In this, we also add some real honey
  • Herbs/Örter : Herb mix from Lemonbalm, mint and thyme
  • Orange-Turmeric/Apelsin-Gurkmeja
  • Raspberry-Passionfruit/Hallon-Passionsfrukt
  • Red beet-Lime/Röd betor-Lime
  • Gingerbucha : We only add fresh ginger. The new “Gingershot” 
  • Berryjoy : A mix of berries

I explain them later more in depth. 

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