Kimchi – 250 Gr


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What is “Kimchi”? When one say Kimchi, we think of the spicy, pickled Chinese cabbage, isn’t it? I don’t know the Korean language but as I was told, Kimchi basically means… pickling. So whether we talk about pickled cabbage, pickled carrots or whatever what is pickled, in Korea it’s a kind of Kimchi.

This being said, what I mean here is what we used to understand about it :). The delicious Korean hot spicy Chinese or Napa cabbage.

Our “Kimchi” contains Napa cabbage, radish, carrots, scallions, chives, garlic, white onion, ginger, Korean chili flakes and Chilly powder.

All ingredients used, comes from organic certified farming.

Content : 250 Gr – Organic Certification body : SE-EKO-03


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