Kombucha Jar 5 L – Mortier-Pilon

Jar for making your own kombucha at home.



Want to debunk the myths surrounding Kombucha and learn how to brew it at home with easy step-by-step recipes? Our Kombucha Starter Kit with Glass Kombucha Crock is perfect for beginners. Kombucha is not that complicated: Just add tea and sugar to the SCOBY to start your own Kombucha!

You first have to settle the SCOBY in its new environment, in the kombucha crock. After 3 days you can brew kombucha at home for the first time. Then your SCOBY is reusable! It will continue to grow healthy and provide you with delicious kombucha. It just requires that you never completely empty your jar.


  • 1 5L glass Kombucha brewing jar with silicone sleeve, lid and filter
  • 1 wax pencil to identify batches

*Be careful with your Kombucha crock: DO NOT use hot or boiling water, glass could break. DO NOT put in the dishwasher.


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