Kombucha starter Kit - Deluxe



This package contains:

SCOBY* in starter kombucha* (based on black* tea), tea** to your liking 75 Gr, Raw sugarcane* 400 Gr, 1 bottle starter Kombucha* 33 cl, 1 Muslin cloth (100% cotton), Kombucha instruktion, Fermentation Jar 5 L Mortier-Pilon, 2 flip-top bottles Mortier-Pilon.

*: Organic Certified SE-EKO-003

**Tea one can choose from:

Black* tea : Assam. This tea provides in a lightly sour, fruity kombucha***.

Darjeeling/Assam mixture :

Green* tea: Canonbol, China Chensai

TeeFJi Kombucha blend : A mixture of tea which combines the best of tea kinds together

***Be careful with your Kombucha crock: DO NOT use hot or boiling water, glass could break. DO NOT put in the dishwasher.


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