Kombucha starter Kit – Small



This package contains:

SCOBY* in starter kombucha*, 75 Gr tea** to your liking, 400 Gr Raw sugarcane*, 1 bottle starter Kombucha* 33 cl, Kombucha instruction.

*: Organic Certified by SMAK AB (Sweden)

**Tea one can choose from:

Assam : is a black tea*. Gives a fruity kombucha.

Senchai : is a green tea*. I didn’t test this one but in general, green tea creates a much more sour kombucha than black tea.

TFJ Kombucha tea blend : A mix from Assam*, Pu-Erh* (ripe), Yerba* and Canonball* (green tea).  Red, green of black, they all have their specific properties and flavour. With this blend, I offer the best of all kinds and the result is a mild, slightly sour kombucha after 14 days of fermenting.

Remark : For testing, I used raw sugarcane and filtered water. Use of other ingredients will change the taste of the ready kombucha.

  • Our 330 cl Original Organic Kombucha starter – fully fermented Kombucha drink as culture medium incl. SCOBY (9cm diameter). Ingredients: brewed tea (filtered water, black tea*), raw sugarcane*, Kombucha culture *
    All our Kombucha drinks are grown traditionally and naturally.
    Our Kombucha starter-kit is sufficient for producing 3 liters of Kombucha in the beginning (about every 2 weeks, depending on how mature you want to have it). You can split the SCOBY later on and therefore produce practically unlimited Kombucha by your own.
  • One 75g package tea* of choice
  • One 400g package raw cane sugar*
  • A detailed how-to manual in written form for your own production of Kombucha drinks
  • Guarantee of Freshness: All our cultures will be carefully packed for you just right in time at the date of dispatch. This additional effort guarantees for your culture being sealed no longer than absolutely necessary and makes it easy for you to further cultivate the SCOBY after delivery.
  • This product is a living culture.


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