Kombucha Subscription 12 Months

Want to be sure to find always kombucha in your fridge ? Why not subscribe to our program and never have to think of getting some kombucha just the moment you want to sit back and relax… with a chilled Tee’Jay Kombucha.

We have for every one the perfect subscription: Get a 6, 12 or 24 pack during  3, 6 or 12 months. In case you like even more than a 24 pack, no problem, we’ll happy to meet your needs.

Remark: Wooden carry-on box not included.

Choose the flavours you want  and we send them… free of charge! On top of that, receive up to 33% discount on the market price.


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Choose the flavours what you like to receive. Adding an amount is not possible (yet), but if you wish, you can specify in the text field below.
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It’s a good idea to regularly drink a real kombucha. To make it easy for you, we have what you are looking for! For those who likes to start the day with a kombucha shot, a 6-pack may be the ideal package. A minimum of 3 months is required but you can also choose for 6 or 12 months *. For the more moderate kombucha drinker, we have the 12-pack and for the fervent drinkers among us, by the box (24 bottles).

You are free to blend the flavors to your liking, even every month. Just let us know in time and we do the rest.

Sign up, choose your subscription and start enjoying a continues kombucha experience !

What can you expect from us ?

• a high quality, unpasteurized, unfiltered kombucha, based on ripe Pu’Erh tea and flavored with real fruit, herbs and/or vegetables

• Organic certified 

Free shipping

• we send them to your closest pick-up point

up to 45% discount on the regular price

• When we launch new flavors, you’ll be the first one to receive a free sample, yes, on top of your order, for free and make even chance to win a 12-pack (flavors to your liking).

* Refer to our policy regarding “Cancelations & Returns

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Vikt 14 kg
Dimensioner 24 × 36 × 24 cm


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