Organic Kombucha Lemon/Ginger

Unpasteurized, unfiltered. Flavoured with real fruit from organic certified agriculture. A delicious natural kombucha full of wellness from nature. Glass bottle – 33 cl – crown cap. Store chilled (< 8° C/46.4° F) to slow down natural fermentation in the bottle. Don’t shake before opening.

100% Natural, RAW and Organic!


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The base kombucha is brewed with 100% of black tea. We use Pu’Erh tea because this tea is one of the few tea’s on the world which is pre-fermented after oxidation. For more info regarding oxidation and fermentation, I kindly refer to our blog post “Why black tea is black and red tea isn’t what it should be”. All raw materials comes from certified organic agriculture. The water we use goes through an 8 step water filter that eliminates 98% of all pollutants from the supplied water source and gives the water a soft neutral taste.

Lemon is a great fruit, it’s bursting from vitamin C and it alkalizes the body. This together with spicy ginger makes Zing! Ginger is known for its anti inflammatory effects and is one of the most common used spices on this globe. We add fresh lemon and ginger in a 2nd fermentation, and give the time to the kombucha, to extract not only the flavor but also all the wellness from those 2  fruits.

No need for us to add some synthetic vitamins or whatever more to make it look good on the label. All vitamins, minerals and other compounds that enhances wellness for body and mind are already there, supplied by nature, 100% of pure natural sources. Our kombucha is unpasteurized and unfiltered and due to this, it creates a natural carbonation in the bottle.

Store chilled below 8° C

Nature in a bottle!

RAW Food – 100% – Natural

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