Organic Kombucha starter & SCOBY S (to make 1 L home made kombucha)

Certified Organic Kombucha starter kit: Includes 150 gram original organic Kombucha starter & a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast).



This product contains :
  • Certified Organic Kombucha starter: Includes 150 gram original organic Kombucha starter. This is a fully fermented Kombucha drink, used as culture medium incl. SCOBY (9cm diameter).
    • Ingredients: brewed tea (filtered water, black tea*), raw cane sugar*, Kombucha culture*
  • All our Kombucha drinks are brewed in a natural way
  • With this Kombucha starter-kit, you will be able to produce 1 liter of Kombucha in the beginning (lenght of brewing depends on taste). You can split the SCOBY later on and therefore produce practically unlimited Kombucha by your own.
  • Detailed how-to manual
  • Quality Guarantee: We only deliver fast growing organic Kombucha of the highest quality that has been grown with the utmost care. We therefore give you a Growth Guarantee – if our Kombucha does not start growing successfully at your very first fermentation with it for any reason, we will deliver replacement to you for free.
  • Guarantee of Freshness: All our cultures will be carefully packed for you just right in time at the date of dispatch. This additional effort guarantees for your culture being sealed no longer than absolutely necessary and makes it easy for you to further cultivate the fungi after delivery. Expiration date of the sealed delivery is 12 days from the date of shipment.
  • Living cultures inside: Use it as soon as possible since the living bacteria and yeast need also the food to survive. In return, it will give you a delicious kombucha drink!


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