Organic Pu’Erh tea

Organic certified ripe Pu’Erh tea.

Content 75 Gr.

Directions: Warm the water till 90 degree Celcius. Poor water over the tea. Wait for a minut, enjoy.

Storage: Store in a dry  and cool place, out of the sun.


30 i lager


Pu’Erh, the capital of Yunnan province in China, is the home of the world famous tea named after the capital Pu’Erh. World famous, at least nowadays. Say 10 years ago, there was hardly somebody in the West how knew it, but it was one of the products which was traded along the Ancient Tea Horse Route, also known as the Silk route, stretching from Sichuan, over Pu’erh up to Lhasa in Tibet.

Pu’Erh is said to have the oldest tea trees in the world and is seen as the heritage of tea, estimated about 3000 years ago.

The tea we use is grown and picked on the mountain flanks of the Himalaya, within the borders of Yunnan province. All tea leaf are steamed or fried to stop oxidation. Depending of the oxidation level, we talk about white, yellow, green or red/black tea. To finish the chain, the oxidized tea is stored in huge humid shelters to pre-ferment and this makes the tea so different from the other “black” tea kinds we know in the West. Price will depend on the fermentation period. Also the taste depend on the age. There are mainly 2 kinds of Pu’Erh tea, “ripe” and “raw” Pu’Erh tea. “Ripe” stands for “pre-fermented”, “raw” Pu’Erh tea is the so called green Pu’Erh tea and only oxidized. We only sell the ripe Pu’Erh tea.

In China, only the pre-fermented tea, like the ripe Pu’Erh tea, is called black tea. Full oxidized tea’s (but NOT fermented!), like Darjeeling and Earl Grey to name some, are called red tea. Rooibos is not tea although we call it “red tea” in the West.

Our Pu’Erh tea is organic certified.


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