Organic Raw Sugarcane

100% natural, unbleached sugarcane from organic certified agriculture.

Content: 400 Gr



We use the most raw sugar one can have from the sugar cane. It’s a quite fruity sugar and it is the best food one can give to the SCOBY. Sugar is used to keep the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) alive.

We, as human, need food to stay alive, so is the SCOBY and the best food for a Scoby is raw sugar. What happens with the sugar ?

Kombucha is brewed in an open fermentation cycle, the so called “wild fermentation”. Open means, in an open barrel/jar so oxygen can be taken. Due to the interaction of the bacteria, yeast and oxygen, the sugar is converted in healthy acids instead of alcohol (closed fermentation). The rest sugar is broken down into small molecules and makes it easy for us, human, to digest.



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