Sauerkraut – 250 Gr



Delicious Sauerkraut. The fresh cabbage is finely grated and spiced with kummin, juniper berries and bay leaf. Packed together in a stone jar, leaving for at least 6 weeks on a dark but warm spot. The bacteria just love it and converts the cabbage in a crispy, sour delicacy.

Why should you eat fermented food?

• Fermented food and drink has a more intense taste.
• Fermented food contributes to better digestion and healthy bowel function, because fermentation provides an increase in the number of beneficial intestinal bacteria and enzymes.
• Nutrients are better absorbed by your body. By fermenting food, complex molecules are split into smaller molecules and there is a pre-digestion of the food, which increases the absorption.
• Fermentation also ensures healthy intestinal flora (this is the case when there is a good balance between healthy and pathogenic bacteria). A healthy intestinal flora is very important for the immune system that is responsible for the defense against diseases. A healthy intestinal flora also facilitates the detoxification of harmful substances – for example metals and pesticides – in the diet.
• Vitamins and minerals work better by consuming fermented food. This is because enzymes are produced by fermentation. And vitamins need enzymes to be effective.
• Fermented food increases alkalinity; this is the ability to neutralize acids. A favorable acid balance is very important for good health. An optimal acid balance helps you feel fit and energetic.


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